Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dilly beans!!

...So I usually don't care for canned beans--that includes the home-canned ones. They always end up too mushy and flavorless. In fact, I still have several jars of canned green beans from two years ago, and I doubt they'll be eaten.

While I was complaining about canned beans last night at work, my friend Karlee asked me if I'd ever had dilly beans. The answer to that is "no", but it just so happens that I love dill, garlic, vinegar, and pickled things in general, so...why would I dislike dilly beans? Given that we have an abundance of green beans and wax beans,
I decided that I should pickle some of them. I picked just about 2 lbs of greens/waxes for pickling.
Here they are, all packed in jars and ready to be processed.
Following their 10 minute boiling water bath...
Thanks for the idea, Karlee! I can't wait to taste them!!

On another exciting note, I picked our first cucumber of the season today. 
So many good things to eat!


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