Sunday, July 3, 2011

the food that is grown

The most wonderful part of tending to a garden is when the food that you've grown is ready to eat.  A large salad was on my mind, and the peas were the first to be picked.
The romaine was next on my "shopping" list, so I went to the aisle where it was located. I picked two, tall hearts of romaine--one for Michael and one for me.
What next for our salad, you ask? A beet, of course! I've been watching this particular beet rather closely, as it has been growing much more quickly than its brothers. I decided that it was a perfect size for slicing onto a salad, and so it was plucked from the earth.  In addition to the beet root itself, I also used the spinach-like leaves in the salad. The leaves are so full of nutrients! It would be a shame to discard them. In addition to the nutrients they provide, they also add a nice splash of color to an otherwise "all-green" salad.
While picking the largest beet, I noticed that there was a particularly tasty-looking wild plant growing nearby. It was wood sorrel, a flashy and lemony addition to any dish. It is so tasty!
Time to prepare those greens...


Annie said...

Looks like a delicious (and gorgeous) salad! Isn't it so satisfying to pick your dinner right out the door? We've been enjoying our beets lately, too--greens and all. Thanks for including the wood sorrel in your description--I've noticed some in our yard and didn't know it was edible--I'll have to try it!

TW said...

Annie, there really is nothing better than picking your supper right out the door! You ought to enjoy the wood sorrel. It really is lovely!

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