Saturday, September 3, 2011

Knitting fever...

This summer weather sure has been great and all, but truthfully, I am ready to be wearing my wool again. The Michigan Fiber Festival was (of course) a successful "shopping" trip, and I have plenty of alpaca fleece to spin up and to knit with. Not to mention Elise our angora bunny, as she has been pumping out lots and lots of angora fleece for spinning with too.


Now if I can only finish putting up all of my food in a timely manner...perhaps I'll have some knitting/spinning time in the near future.


K. Standfuss said...

Hooray for Fall! How I'm looking forward to it...and to seeing what you knit in the seasons to come. I'm sad I've fallen behind on tuning into your blog! Glad to see you're finding time to update between all that jarring! PS. I'm loving the photos of all the pears!

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