Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the changing of seasons

I have no recent pictures.  I have done nothing noteworthy.  I have just been living and not blogging and I am sorry for that.  Michael and I leave on vacation in two days--this Friday at 6:25 am, to be exact.  We are going to a place I can only hope to return to again one day, but with the lifestyle that I am trying to create for myself, that may very well never happen.  To say the least, I am going to try and savor this.  I am going to try very hard. St John in USVI will be a paradise, and I am excited to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey.  I will probably have pictures in a couple of days, so please bear with me.

For now, here is an assortment of pictures that represent my loves, my life, and my soul.
black swallowtail larva

lion's mane fungus

black swallowtail larva

seed-filled pod

praying mantis

Have a great day, everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Have fun on vacation! Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura Jeanne said...

You are very brave to let the praying mantis sit on your hand. We have a lot of them around here, and they completely freak me out! :)

TW said...

thanks, beth! :)
@laura jeanne: i love insects! there are few and far between that truly scare me.

molswhite said...

The Praying mantis picture is SO cool!

TW said...

Thanks, Mols! :)

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