Monday, November 28, 2011

A little smattering of photos

This vacation on St. John has been utterly amazing thus far. I have seen things that I have only dreamed of seeing one day, and now it is a reality. I have tried one new food, and that is conch.  It is sort of rubbery like calamari, and it has a great flavor.

Yesterday we went on a deep-sea fishing trip.  Our captain estimated the depth at where we were fishing to be around 1,800 feet deep. That is incredibly deep! Our "hundreds of feet deep" Lake Michigan pales in comparison to that depth. Anyway, we caught several "rainbow runner" fish and one yellowtail.  Though it was fun catching the fish, it was completely miserable for my husband and I.  Poor Mike got sick six times and though I didn't actually vomit, I was very close to it! It was a mutual decision that we never go on a boat again in a place where there could potentially be big waves--we're sticking to kayaks and canoes down the river from now on. ;)

Anyway, I would like to share a couple of photos with you from the trip so far.
Overlooking the waters of Coral Bay

Pretty blue flowers

Spiny pod with a nut inside

Urchins are omnipresent here...I even stepped on one! Thankfully, my husband removed the spine.

Donkeys are also omnipresent on the roads.

Our special discovery of the day--a stingray!


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