Monday, October 8, 2012

the plants live on

I spent today gathering plants from the garden that would otherwise not fare well in the winter months ahead.  I was under the impression that my white sage and white horehound would live through a Michigan winter, but alas, it gets too cold here for them to survive.

So, in they came.

white sage

white horehound

I placed my new "indoor" plants next to my flowering maple, which is just beginning to grow some new flower buds.  It looked so lovely in the sunlight that I decided to take a picture of it, though it was already living inside.

And lastly... the hats! They just keep coming. Winter is coming, and the wool in this house is flying.  Cheers to cool weather and warm woolens! 


Alan said...

Sounds like it's too cold for Humans in Michigan in Winter also! Good to see you take such care in your plants, wish I had more time to spend with my gardens.

Alan said...

PS. Nice hats!

Tiffany said...

Thanks, Alan! I believe that my plants have spirits, too, so I must do my best to help them be their best. They do the same for me through nourishment and also the bringing of joy in seeing them. :)

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