Tuesday, May 28, 2013

woodland plants

The woodlands hold lots of different plants from what I am used to seeing in my urban backyard. The alley contains some disturbed area plants like dock, poke, and dandelion, but nothing like what comes from a lush and moist forest. 

Mike and I alternated between riding our mountain bikes and hiking the trails of a place we've both been to several times before. We made lots of new plant discoveries! We were initially looking for alder and basswood trees, but we found much more in addition to those two tree species, including two little woodland creatures!

Prunus serotina (Black Cherry)

Wild Yam

Underwing larva

American Basswood (Linden)

Lady's Slipper

Toad friend

Wild Sarsaparilla

Wild Sarsaparilla flowers

Turkey Tail fungus


Alan said...

WOW! some really great finds. I really miss seeing Lady's Slipper and all the others from the northern forests. One of the Environmental Ed. centers I worked at had lots of Lady Slipper and I gathered some and tinctured the roots, great nervine.

Tiffany said...

Oh wow, Alan! That is lucky you had access to lady's slipper roots! They are so few and far between here that I am unable to harvest them. I've been considering growing them, but at $50/seed pod from Horizon Herbs, I want to be able to know everything I can about orchid propagation first. :)

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