Wednesday, December 21, 2011

grain mill II + the common cold

...and that being said, we've now chosen a different appliance.  Multi-purpose, not as pretty, but definitely useful, we've ordered the Champion Juicer as our Christmas gift.  We have also been looking for a juicer, and we found that this appliance seems to not only be high quality, but also to be multi-purpose, as it has a grain mill attachment available for it. I am very excited to open the package when it arrives!

On a separate note, I am beginning to have an immune response to some sort of "cold-symptom" inducing virus. My symptoms include a runny nose, congestion, lots of sneezing, being very sleepy and sluggish, and being a little bit dizzy.  It seems to have begun a couple of evenings ago with a couple of coughs here and there.  The coughing has since subsided, but has been replaced with the above symptoms.

As supplementation to my diet, I include 2000 mg of cod liver oil and 2000 mg of vitamin C per day.  Now that I am beginning to feel a little under the weather, I am also adding the following to my daily protocol:

40 drops each of astragalus and echinacea tinctures, morning and night (80 drops total of each per day)
an extra 1000 mg of vitamin C for a total of 3000 mg (divided) per day
a nightly castor oil pack on my chest with 5 drops eucalyptus oil added in to relieve congestion
the use of homemade throat lozenges to relieve the scratchy feeling in my throat
2 tsp of elderberry syrup 4x daily (recommended amount for acute use)

Here's to natural health! Hope you're all staying healthy this season.


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