Thursday, July 12, 2012

Busy as Bees

Summer is in full swing, the garden is abundant with food, and the bees are busily making honey.

a golden drip

I took a piece of comb for my own enjoyment... the bees weren't ready to part with it.

a cayenne turning red! 

watermelon ... we ought to have a lot this year.

a little lavender harvest

12 lbs of blueberries picked 

my sleepy dog, Klaus

Today we went blueberry picking at a patch that is no longer being sprayed (it's been 5 years), thank goodness. There aren't any organic "u-pick" sites in the area, so it is just perfect for us that this field is no longer being blasted with pesticides.  I am finding more and more that there are lots of different farms that practice growing organically but don't have certification to show for it.  Certification for a small farm is quite expensive, so I don't blame them.  It is just so easy to ask your farmer whether or not they use pesticides and other environmentally unfriendly techniques. Plus, it's fun to get to know your farmer. :)

After picking blueberries, Michael and I went into both of our beehives for a light inspection.  We had one of our hives swarm the other day, so we wanted to see what was going on inside.  There wasn't anything out of the ordinary occurring, but we did see lots of capped honey! It was so tasty and warm from the sun.  Our honey is fragrant and tastes a little bit minty. I can't wait to do a full harvest in the autumn! 


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