Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I picked my first cayenne pepper the other day. It was bright red and absolutely perfect looking.  After I picked it I smelled it and dang, that thing smelled spicy!
caliente cayenne!! 

I have four things that I plan to do with these peppers -- I plan to use some fresh, dry and crush some, dry and powder some, and infuse some olive oil with some for a great, stimulating ointment.  Since I only have one pepper so far (there will be more to come within the next two days), I had to choose wisely as to what I wanted to do with the first one.  

The answer:
cayenne - infused olive oil

One of my grandmothers has been having rheumatic complaints, sciatica included, so in four weeks I'll be able to make a fantastic ointment for her out of this oil.  I've also got some St Johns Wort infused oil that will be ready in a week, so she'll get to try that out as well. 


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