Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Final Weekend

This upcoming weekend marks the end of my medicinal herbalism course.  As much as I anticipate not having to study, make medicine on a schedule, and drive 3 hours to school, I will miss it.  That class brought together so many like-minded people and I'm not used to being immersed in such true calm.  I have a tendency to feel that I need to argue with people until they see the path that I think is correct -- yes, I am working on it.  Being at that school with those people, though . . . I'll tell you, I never felt the need to argue with anyone! It was a beautiful feeling.
Comfrey salve

Milkweed Flower Essence -- mother tincture, stock tincture, and remedy tincture

St John's Wort tincture -- so beautiful!

Stay cool in the heat and have a safe celebration of the 4th! 


Jaclynn said...

What are those various tinctures for? Congrats on finishing your course - medicinal herbalism is pretty cool stuff. Reading about it in the Southwest flora for my ethnobotany talk when I was working in Arizona was really cool. There's definitely a lot of useful plants that get looked over with today's, largely-chemical modern medicine industry. Next time I have a health problem, I'm calling you, Dr. Workman! ;)

TW said...

The St Johns Wort is great for uplifting your spirits, rheumatic complaints, sciatica, etc. Overall, a fantastic plant!

Thanks, Jaclynn! :)

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