Saturday, August 11, 2012

it feels like autumn

The weather has drastically changed here in west Michigan, and it is very, very nice. Though we will definitely have more hot weather, the cool and rain has been a welcome change of pace.  The plants aren't wilted anymore, and the rabbits aren't panting under their thick, woolly coats.

The laundry is swinging on the line, the dog is happily watching shadows, and there is a magnificent little male American Goldfinch singing his heart out as he enjoys the ripening seeds on the sunflowers.

It's a good day.

the poke berries are ripening

tiny flowers



Alan said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Glad you did because now I have found a cool blog also! Rabbits and Bees, two interests of mine I have yet to pursue, sometimes life gets in the way of living.

TW said...


Thank you for stopping by mine, as well! I understand the ways of life getting in the way of living 100% ha! At least we try. :)

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