Monday, August 13, 2012

it was sunny yesterday

Today has been rainy and comfortably cool, which is lucky for my thirsty plants.  I planned on harvesting some more skullcap for tincturing and cutting down more comfrey for infused oil, but it began raining and it is definitely better for the plants to be dry when preparing them.

Although these pictures were taken yesterday, they bring a nice bit of color to my day to sort of counteract the gloom that the rain has brought.

white horehound

the underside of the horehound's leaves are so woolly!

chamomile, calendula, and hyssop


Alan said...

I'm jealous, my Medicinal Herb garden looks like a jungle. You have a nice selection of herbs here.

TW said...

Thanks, Alan. Trust me -- my whole garden is a jungle right now! I figure that since it's the end of the season that it won't hurt to let the purslane and lamb's quarters take over...I mean, right? ;)

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