Sunday, September 9, 2012


The weather has been all over the place as of late.  One day it's very warm and the next it's quite cool.  Autumn is beginning to settle in, and she is clearly a little unsure of what temperature is best.  I'll let her, though, because I still have tomatoes yet to ripen on the vine and I also have more woolens to make before the frosts begin. Autumn, please take your time.

In the meantime, :

first butternuts from the garden -- the littlest that you see was only 4 inches long!

hawthorn leaf

Klaus, prepared (and hoping) to run into some small animal mischief

Mini web that Michael discovered

Who knew that slugs ate fungus? I sure didn't! 

unidentified, but beautiful fungus specimens!

Michael and Klaus

Walking in the woods and happening upon little gems of nature is a soul-deepening experience.  If you haven't been out in the woods lately, I highly suggest it! Since Michael and I both have a little time off this week, I am going to drink in the woods as much as I can.


Annie said...

Fascinating fungi! We made it out to the woods finally this week, does so much good for the body and soul. Don't you love cutting into those butternuts? The orange flesh is just amazing. Ours are getting close...not quite ready yet. Have a great week!

TW said...

I agree! Cutting into their sweet flesh is a real treat, indeed. You have a great week as well, Annie!

K. Miller said...

Beautiful photos once again. Thanks for sharing.

Alan said...

Your garden is Organic right? What do you do to protect your squashes from vine borers and squash beetles. They are killers here in NC!
I had to plant 40 summer squash plants and 20 winter squash plants this year just to get enough squash before they were killed by the vine borers!

TW said...

Thanks, Karlee. Alan, my garden is organic. The only thing that I do to protect my squash is hand pick and crush the eggs every 2 days. It is A LOT of work, but I have yet to find a more efficient way. That's a lot of squash to plant, by the way!!

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