Monday, September 3, 2012

the busy season

'Tis the busy season, and I have every last minute dedicated to preparing for winter, both in the warmth and the food sense. Between spinning wool, shearing bunnies, knitting, canning garden vegetables, and working my "real" job, I have truly been a busy bee. My chores are my favorite kind of work though, and I take pride in accomplishing them.  They're all very satisfying tasks.  They're what we should all do for work.


dried tarragon, my favorite culinary herb

marinara sauce

brandywines and green zebras

romas, yellow pears, and cherries

green zebras



single-ply angora

the angora wool from which I've been spinning --  available here.

Keep up your preparations for winter, folks! It will soon be upon upon us!


Annie said...

Oh, your tomatoes are gorgeous--did you grow them all yourself? And the angora wool...brings me back to my childhood--my mom and I had angora rabbits and she would spin the wool. I made my daughter a hat from some of the yarn I had--a very soft and special hat! I have still not learned to spin, though I have my mom's wheel...some day some day. I see you've opened an Etsy shop--that's great! Blessings on all your winter preparations--it is very satisfying work, isn't it?

TW said...

Thanks Annie, and yes, the tomatoes were grown by my husband and I. That is so neat that you and your mother had angora rabbits and that she spun their wool...and I would love to see a photo of your daughter's hat! That's very exciting that you have your mother's wheel, too. :) I would have loved to have had an heirloom like that! Thank you so much for your kind words, friend!

Alan said...

Beautiful! Isn't it such a great feeling to see the fruits of your labor. Looks like you've got a great bounty for the winter. Are the days getting cool in Michigan yet? Still in the upper 80s here, can't wait for the 70s!

TW said...

Thank you, Alan! The days here in MI have definitely been fluctuating. We're currently averaging in the high 70s lower 80s during the day... I can barely wait for the 60s. Ha. :) I bet you can hardly wait for cool weather, either!

Jaclynn said...

I like the brandywines - that's a very Lord of the Rings name for a tomato. :) My winter preparations consist of trying to find a "real job". ;) Things are definitely slowing down here at Bodie for the season.

TW said...

Perhaps you'd like to come home early then? ;)

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