Thursday, September 20, 2012

the queen of insects

Do you like spiders?  I absolutely love them.  I will never purposely kill one -- if they're in my house, I typically let them stay or if they are walking across the floor, I'll take them outside.

However, even though this beautiful Queen was only sitting in her web in the corner of the hallway, I wasn't going to let her stay. She, along with the brown recluse, are unwelcome in my house.

Allow me to introduce you to, the Queen of Insects!

This amazing, female black widow spider was a real treat for me to find this morning.  The last time I found a widow, it was a male, and although he was beautiful, the females are definitely more exciting because of their poisonous bite.

Thankfully no one was bitten.  Regardless, this lovely lady is not going to be released the usual way -- she'll be let out into the woods far, far from my house.


Jaclynn said...

Eek! Very brave of you. I've been seeing these black spiders in our house here lately - but I'm not sure that they're widows. They have very fat front-mouth-mover thingies and no visible markings underneath, but the top of the butt looks like it has a grey design on it, kinda like a chevron or something. We've been, for the most part, catching them and putting them outside.

Tiffany said...

I feel like I actually have seen a spider like the ones you speak of. You should take some pictures and post them on your blog! I love spiders. :)

Annie said...

Oh wow...thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! I keep finding spiders and wondering, is this what a black widow looks like? Now I know. Glad you and she were able to keep a congenial acquaintance, with no one getting hurt!

Tiffany said...

Heh, yes, me too! :) She was definitely beautiful to see.

molswhite said...

There are black widows in Michigan? Crazy!

Tiffany said...

Yes, there are! ;)

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