Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 2 on GAPS intro (stage 1)

Woohoo!! Finished with the second day! Now that I've gotten through the second day, I know I can do anything! Ha, that's not really true, but darn it I feel good! However, I am definitely craving a little variety in my life already. Mike and I were dreaming about how amazing it will be to be on full GAPS and no longer on the intro stages. Heck, I'd even take stage 6 of intro! ;)

If you don't want to read about poop, please don't read the following paragraph. 
There. You've been warned! 

Mike and I woke up this morning and each had a decent morning elimination.  Our stools were a little more firm than usual and there wasn't a trace of undigested food.  This is very unlike our pre-GAPS intro stools, as there was always some food that I could recognize.  Mike was lucky enough to have a second elimination today, which was fantastic.  Other than that, we've both had a fair amount of gas which indicates pathogenic bacteria die-off. Yay! This diet is doing its job! 

If all goes well tomorrow, I am going to have us start stage 2 of intro on Thursday where we'll introduce ghee (if there isn't any sensitivity which we'll find out using the sensitivity test), fresh herbs, and raw egg yolk. It may not seem like a lot of variety yet, but I am so excited to have raw egg yolk and fresh herbs!  I am especially excited about the raw egg yolk because that will help a lot with how long we can go between meals. I haven't been especially hungry, but when I am, I've got to have food RIGHT at that moment.

**I should say, too, for anyone looking to start GAPS intro that it may be important for you to have two crockpots for making stock with.  We thought that one would be fine, but eating upwards of 6 quarts of stock per day really puts a dent in your stock stash! 

Looking forward to tomorrow! 


Lisa M-L said...

Very interesting stuff, Tiffany! You are taking the mystery out of GAPS and hopefully will be an inspiration to many. Do you have Natasha's book?

TW said...

I do! I read it every single day. :)

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