Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wild Edibles

There are lots of yummy edibles popping up all over the place since it's spring.  Of course, I haven't (yet) had any luck with finding morels.  However, I did find a couple of things today in the woods.  

Wild Ginger

I am going to chop the ginger rhizomes into pieces and dehydrate them so that I can turn them into ginger powder for adding to different foods. In addition to the ginger, I also found some wild leeks or "ramps" as they're commonly called. They have little bulbs at the bottom and the entire thing is completely edible! I am going to set them up in some brine and pickle them, as I am guessing that pickled leeks will be super tasty. 

Though this next picture isn't an edible, it is a medicinal plant, plus it's got just gorgeously shaped leaves. 


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