Sunday, April 15, 2012

Days 6-7 on GAPS intro (stage 3 and transitioning to stage 4)

I can't wait for full GAPS, I can't wait for full GAPS!!! Day six was good. We were fully on stage 3, so we were enjoying lots of avocado and yogurt without any reactions! We also decided to make the squash/nut butter/egg/tolerated fat pancakes, which were AMAZING. We found this great recipe for the pancakes, and we went a little overboard. When I mean a little overboard, we went way too far overboard! For stage 3, we were supposed to start with one pancake a day. I was so hungry and anxious to try something new, however, that we ended up splitting and eating the entire batch! My stomach was pretty upset afterward, so I took a nap and that cleared things up.  I highly recommend the slow introduction of foods, because for the instant gratification you do get by eating tons of food, overall it's just not worth it!

Today being day 7, we are transitioning to stage four of GAPS intro. This morning I introduced some freshly pressed carrot juice and this evening we are introducing some grilled meat. Other than that, we're still following the protocol of probiotic foods, broth, soup, boiled veggies, etc. I can't wait to eat a big salad again! :)


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