Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days 8,9,10, & 11 on GAPS intro

Feeling good here! It's amazing the difference that I can already feel just from being on stage 6 of intro.  I can see that all of the food that I'm eating is being fully digested, and interestingly enough, I am sleeping a lot more soundly, too.

With each new introduction of food, we've waited until we had a bowel movement in order to see how it affected us.  If all went well, we would introduce another.  It's hard to say which particular stage we are on right now, though technically we're on stage 6.  We are slowly introducing in full GAPS legal foods and seeing  how we feel with them.

 I can't wait to introduce cheese! That is one food that I've really been missing.  However, cheese can sometimes be difficult to digest, so we're going to wait another week or so before we introduce it.  We're just going to go back to eating our usual raw milk cheese from Grassfields that we enjoy so much.

A word on coconut -- it isn't technically allowed on intro because it has many antimicrobial/antibacterial properties that may cause dieoff reactions.  However, we introduced it fairly early on (stage 5) with no problems, so we are continuing to consume it.  It is important that we give ourselves a fair amount of time to heal, however, so perhaps introducing non-intro allowed foods is to our own detriment. So far so good though, so we're just going to keep rolling along!


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