Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Update!

We got some nice rain last night and the plants are LOVING it!

First of all, my filthy hand!

green cabbage

baby choi (this will all be kimchi soon!)

Bull's blood beets


purple mustard






kale buds

collard buds



cabbage buds

broccoli flowers

. . . AND . . . KLAUS!!! :)


Jaclynn said...

Mmm... all those fresh greens look tasty! I wonder if I'll be able to get any gardening in this summer? One thing's for sure: I bought a new, bigger pot for my Christmas Cactus, so I'll be upgrading her this weekend! I've got corn/celery/lima bean soup in the crock pot with the rest of that free-range chicken stock. That should be a tasty dinner for the next couple days. I've also got a bag full of homemade cereal that I will start eating on Wednesday for breakfast with my homemade almond milk. Yum! I'm trying to see how long the bag will last me so I can figure out how much and how often I need to bake.

todd said...

WOW!!!!! Looks great

K. Standfuss said...

Your garden looks awesome already. I love all the photos. The purple mustard plant is my favorite. So glad to see you are blogging more often! Kudos to you.

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